Global Recycling Day 2021 was one to remember for Team Swanton as people supported across the UK turned their rubbish into art. 

The services were challenged to use items they’d usually put in the recycling bin for an arts and crafts competition. 

On Thursday 18th March, Swanton teams got busy crafting as they competed for glory. 

There were some terrific transformations as the people we support came up with some excellent ideas on putting their rubbish to good use. 

There were excellent picture collages, tissue box cars, woodland worlds, sock animals, garlands and many other wonderful inventions. 

Vocational Service Manager Lucy Williams said that it was terrific to see all the brilliant ways that people supported at Swanton had used their recycling. 

Lucy said: “We wanted to find a theme for our craft competition that would be about something the people we support are interested in. 

“Being green and looking after the planet is really important to us, so the recycling theme was something we knew people could get behind. 

“It was fantastic to see the imagination that went into creating these different recycling pieces. 

“The people we support did so brilliantly, and all 18 entries were fantastic.”