Simon has cleverly taken recycling to the next level by making stunning planters from the insides of a defunct tumble drier.

The talented lad was learning how to create the eye-catching garden features during sessions at his day centre before the lockdown.

However, when the centre closed, Simon’s support team took the initiative by learning how the project worked.

So, when the tumble drier at Maesawel went kaput, Simon got his chance to build his own planter for the service.

Team Leader Rainer Gottschall said that Simon’s patience has really paid off.

Rainer said: “The planters look terrific, and that’s down to Simon’s hard work and dedication.

“My colleague Paul Ireson helped him tackle the project in short bursts, which suited Simon best. They’d do a little bit each day, supporting Simon at each step of the process.

“From taking apart the tumble drier to planting up the pots, it’s all his hard work.”

Rainer had the chance to try his hand at the project when his home tumble drier broke.

Additionally, Rainer credits Paul for guiding the project and helping creative Simon to develop this terrific new skill.

Rainer added: “It was great to see their teamwork happening.

“Paul lent his tools and his expertise to the build. It meant that Simon had all the support and advice he needed right there.

“Simon loves arts and crafts, and he’s so inventive. We’re very proud of him for what he has achieved.”