Eastholme Service Manager Stuart Healer is a role model for those wanting to build a successful career in care.

Stuart joined Swanton ten years ago as a Support Worker for Seaham View and has worked his way up in the organisation to a leadership role.

Armed with a strong work ethic and deep compassion, Stuart’s gift is getting the very best out of the people he works with.

For the people he supports, Stuart is a rock, and his skill is getting them out of their shell to achieve things they never believed could be possible.

Meanwhile, in his work team, Stuart is an inspiration who helps his colleagues develop and grow in their roles with his full support.

Regional Director Tom Pick says that Stuart’s positive influence and hard work are valued across the area’s services.

Tom said: “Stuart has made fantastic progress over his time at Swanton.

“He gets the best out of everyone he comes into contact with, and he’s had an impact on people in many different services here in Humberside.

“When Stuart is working with the people we support, he sets up their world, so they feel comfortable and calm. In that environment, you see people achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.

“Stuart is an amazing person to have in our team.”

Interestingly, Stuart isn’t the only member of his family who works for Swanton. His long-term partner Mel and her brother also work for the company, making it a family affair.

Stuart is also a qualified practitioner and trainer in NAPPI (Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention.

Tom added: “In his work with NAPPI, Stuart has gained invaluable skills that he’s shared with our teams.

“Every year, he goes to Scarborough for a week to complete training to keep up to date.

“This crucial skillset enables Stuart to keep the people we support safe and protected.

“We’ve had many compliments about his abilities as a trainer and practitioner from NAPPI. It’s just another reason why Stuart is such an exceptional care professional.”