Rising star Amy Osguthorpe has wowed her senior team with her tenacity and drive throughout her career at Swanton’s Emerald Care services.

Amy works across several services in Barnsley, where she’s become a much-loved member of the team thanks to her hard work and kindness.

According to Amy’s mentor Lisa Goodwin, Amy puts every bit of her energy into making a difference in the lives of the people she supports.

She’s also a dedicated colleague, a fast learner and spends a lot of her time working with the people she supports at Sunshine House.

The mum of four hit a personal crisis late last year when she was hospitalised with sepsis. But despite being laid up and seriously ill, Amy was still trying to provide support to others.

Lisa said: “Amy embodies what it means to have a true vocation.

“Her work is so important to her, and she throws herself into everything 100%.

“Amy is like a sponge because she soaks up everything she’s taught, and she has already mastered our new access system in record time.

“She’s also an incredibly grounded and pleasant person to be around. Amy’s a little star!”

Now Amy is working hard to get her social work degree and is excited about what the future holds for her.

Lisa said: “When you speak to Amy, you see the genuine passion she has for her work.

“She’s an excellent practitioner of person-centered care, and you see that when she’s working with the people we support.

“Amy doesn’t come to work simply to earn a living, it’s her time to do something important to her outside her family.

“In doing so, she makes a huge difference to others, and she’s got a wonderful career in social care ahead of her.”