Club Seaham View is now the most fun venue in town, thanks to the in-house disco dancers.

Every week, the service’s lounge is transformed into a nightclub complete with great music, disco lights, and a busy dance floor.

The people supported at Seaham View have been enjoying the discos held for various birthdays throughout the year and wanted their regular club fix.

So, they asked support staff if they could have a disco every week and they were happy to oblige.

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani said it’s an excellent chance for the people supported at Seaham View to socialise and have fun together.

Dhiraj said: “Club Seaham View is where it’s at!

“We love giving the people we support the chance to do the things they enjoy, and disco dancing is great fun and fantastic exercise.

“What’s been particularly gratifying is that people who might not usually join in have got involved too and really like the weekly disco.

“It’s been incredibly positive for everyone who comes along to enjoy the fun.”

Before the pandemic, some of the people supported at Seaham View had already enjoyed a disco as part of their routine.

But those who are new to the in-house club are feeling the benefit.

Dhiraj added: “Music and dancing are good for the soul.

“There is an excellent therapeutic aspect to the disco, and it’s great to see people interacting with each other.

“Here at Seaham View, we love any excuse to fire up the glitterball and hit the dancefloor!”