A flower-arranging workshop inspired Eastholme’s Charlotte to send her grandma a floral surprise. 

Charlotte and Nova, who are both supported at Eastholme, chose to attend the session on Zoom to create their own bouquets. 

They had a wonderful morning learning how to display their blooms and were delighted with the results. 

So, when Charlotte finished creating her bouquet, she expressed that she’d like to send the flowers to her grandma to enjoy. 

Service Manager Stuart Healer said it was a lovely gesture.  

Stuart said: “Charlotte and her grandma are very close, so it’s been tough for them to be apart during the pandemic. 

“They’ve kept up with letters, FaceTime and phone calls, but Charlotte wanted to show how much she’d missed her. 

“Charlotte’s grandma was thrilled with the flowers when they arrived.” 

Following the florist session, both Charlotte and Nova have continued to take an interest in flower arranging.  

Nova has added it into her weekly activity plan, while Charlotte enjoys making her own bouquets from time to time. 

Stuart added: “It was an excellent activity for the girls to try, and they both enjoyed it very much. 

“That’s been reflected in the fact they’ve both carried on flower arranging, and we’ve had some lovely displays at Eastholme.”