Houseproud Nova has been having a great time turning her new bungalow into her dream home. 

Moving into her new place at Eastholme has been a life-changing step for Nova, who has spent the past 20 years living in the hospital. 

Nova has got lots of ideas about how she’d like her place to look and the activities and outings she can do as part of her new life. 

So, with the pandemic putting a halt to some of her social plans for now, Nova has concentrated on what she can do at home said Service Manager Stuart Healer. 

Stuart said: “Nova likes to be busy, and she absolutely loves her bungalow. 

“We’ve been supporting her in getting started on decorating the house and the garden area.  

“Nova bought garden ornaments and has been busy painting them in her favourite colours. She’s also bought lights to hang and is getting the fence painted too. 

“She’s just chosen the colours for her bedroom, and she’s excited about putting her personal touches on the rest of the space too.” 

One of the things Nova most enjoys is cooking, particularly baking. 

When she was living in the hospital, she had no access to a kitchen and couldn’t choose her meals. 

Now she’s making the most of her kitchen by baking and cooking lots of different things. She even made quiche for her sisters when they came to visit. 

Stuart added: “Nova is a brilliant cook – and she enjoys cooking for other people. 

“She heard staff talking about their Ninja multicookers and decided to buy one for herself. 

“Her sisters were very impressed with the quiche she served up. 

“Everything Nova is doing is a massive step forward for her, and we’re very proud of her for working so hard to achieve all her goals.”