An Applicant for a Support Worker role at Swanton’s Baylis Place service was put through her paces by one of the people she’d be supporting. 

After hearing an interview was taking place, Wayne – who is supported at Baylis Place – asked if he could take an active role in finding the right candidate. 

Service Manager Harriet Miller thought it would be a terrific idea to have Wayne join her for the interview so that he could ask some important questions. 

Harriet supported Wayne to put together his questions, which covered scenarios that the candidate would be in if they became part of the team. 

Harriet said: “It was fantastic to have Wayne join me in conducting the interview. 

“The questions he asked were really important, and it was great to be able to see how our interviewee handled them. 

“Being able to watch her interact with Wayne was incredibly helpful to making our decision because the job will involve working closely with him and other people we support.” 

Wayne’s questions included, ‘Do you drive because I like to go to the seaside?’, ‘What new skills can you teach me?’, ‘When you are working with me, will you listen to me?’ and ‘What is your favourite type of music?’. 

Before the interview, Wayne put his suit on, combed his hair, and prepared to greet the candidate. 

Harriet added: “The questions Wayne asked were great because we were able to get a flavour of how the interviewee would work with the people we support. 

“It was terrific for her to build a rapport with Wayne from day one, and we were able to complete the process and recruit the candidate for the job. 

“Wayne was delighted with how it all went and felt good about being such an important part of the recruitment of our new support worker.”