Pop legends ABBA were the inspiration for a fantastic celebration at Eastholme this summer.

The ladies supported at Eastholme are huge fans of the Swedish music sensations, so they threw themselves into the party planning.

Soon Eastholme was decked out in homemade ABBA posters and decorations, the girls got their 70s costumes, and the music was blaring.

Not only did the ladies enjoy the ultimate ABBA sing-a-long, but they also learned the dance moves provided with the songs.

Not to be outdone, staff got their groove on too as everyone partied to the Waterloo hitmakers’ best-loved tunes.

Team Leader Pauline said that an ABBA-themed quiz and colouring went down a storm before everyone settled in to watch Mama Mia.

Pauline said: “It was the most fun we’ve had in ages – everyone loves ABBA here.

“The music and the dancing were fab, and we got even the most reluctant dancers moving.

“ABBA’s music can fail to make you happy, and our Dancing Queens had the time of their lives!”