Team Eastholme gave Charlotte and her Grandma Jean the best surprise ever when they were reunited at an emotional birthday party.

Grandma Jean had no idea that Charlotte would be joining the family celebrations as she marked her 90th birthday with a garden party.

Eastholme Team Leader Mel worked with Charlotte’s sister Melissa to put the plan in place, so it came as a complete shock when they drove up to her Grandma Jean’s house.

It was incredibly emotional as Charlotte and her Grandma enjoyed their first face-to-face meeting since the pandemic began, said Mel.

Mel said: “It was a truly magical moment when Charlotte and Grandma Jean were reunited.

“Charlotte had bought Grandma Jean lots of birthday presents, flowers and chocolates.

“Melissa unveiled another wonderful surprise when she gave Grandma Jean a painted portrait of the three of them, which also featured their late grandad.

“It was incredibly moving to see how happy they were to be together again.”

That evening, when Charlotte returned to Eastholme, Grandma Jean rang to thank the support workers for bringing her granddaughter to visit.

Now Charlotte is looking forward to the COVID restrictions being lifted so they can spend more time together.

Mel added: “One of Charlotte’s favourite things to do is to visit her Grandma Jean for a cuppa and talk about the football.

“She’s hoping that very soon they’ll be able to have their regular phone chats in person.”