A quiche cooking masterclass has proved to be a great success with food lovers supported at Swanton services.

Verity from Seaham View hosted the virtual session, where she gave out the instructions to those making quiche in their home kitchens.

She stepped in when the person who was originally scheduled to host fell ill and was unable to lead the session.

Without Verity stepping up, the quiche class would have been cancelled, so she was presented with a Leaps and Bounds Award for her efforts.

Among the participants were Jake, who is supported at Pant Yr Odyn, and Michelle from Swanton Supported Living in Gateshead.

The duo followed along as Verity took them through each step of the tasty dish, and they were absolutely delighted with the results.

Michelle was joined by her mum Angela who happened to be visiting during the activity. The duo enjoyed making the dish together and then tasting the delicious results.

Meanwhile, in South Wales, Jake had a great time making his quiche, and Regional Director Simon Rooke said it was terrific to see him getting stuck in.

Simon said: “I know how much Jake focuses on food, so to see him in the kitchen enjoying cooking is a really positive step forward for him.

“I’m incredibly grateful to the team at Pant Yr Odyn who support Jake because they are giving him opportunities in life that he previously missed out on.

“Also, a huge congratulations to Verity for leading the quiche-making masterclass. She did Seaham View proud!”