A new care ‘charter’ drawn up by staff at Swanton’s Southfields Care Home has been visualised in a series of eye-catching murals around the service.

The project began with staff gathering for a development session to talk about their daily work lives and to identify what the Swanton Ethos means to them.

During the development days, developed and led by Southfields Registered Manager David Brand, staff discussed how best to work together to continuously improve the lives of the people they support.

The days were supported by Swanton’s Chief Operating Officer Gary Thompson, as well as other Swanton and local authority colleagues.

They also considered their values as a team, ways to better collaborate and new ideas for making Southfields an even more terrific place for young people to live.

Staff also discussed behaviours they wanted to ‘Stop, Start and Continue’.

Once the ‘Southfields Charter’ and staff pledge were completed, they was handed over to Glasgow artist Dan from Spraywell Murals to bring them to life.

David said: “It was fantastic to get everyone together for such a meaningful discussion”.

“Being able to really focus on what matters to us and the people we support was incredibly enlightening.

“The Southfields Charter brings everything together, and now we’ve got a roadmap for the future.

“Dan’s murals have captured exactly what we wanted to express.”

The people supported at Southfields, relatives, and staff have all been thrilled to see the murals completed.

There have been several compliments from loved ones about how wonderful the paintings look.

The staff pledge was captured in a mural of a WhatsApp message positioned in the main foyer.

Posters are also being developed outlining the full charter and will be displayed throughout the service.

David added: “WhatsApp has been a lifeline for the people we support during the pandemic.

“It was the main form of communication they used to talk to their families during the lockdown, and my team also use it to keep parents updated.

“Each of the young people we support has a phone, and when our staff are supporting them in activities, they take pictures and ping them straight over to their families.

“So, painting our staff pledge in the form of a WhatsApp message is perfect.”