There was joy in July for Simon after his Glangarnant support team reunited him with his mum for the first time in years.

Keyworker Rebecca Davis and Service Manager Richie Phillips decided to make contact with Simon’s mum Christine during the pandemic to facilitate a reunion.

Over the years, Christine and Simon struggled to see each other regularly due to the distance between them and her role as full-time carer to his disabled sister.

However, Rebecca and Richie were determined to help the family change that by taking Simon to Christine’s home in July.

According to Richie, it was incredibly moving when mother and son reunited on a sunny summer’s day.

Richie said: “It was an absolutely amazing visit that made Simon so happy.

“Full credit must go to Becca for her tireless work in supporting the family to re-establish regular contact via video calls during the pandemic.

“With her support, Simon was able to go to Christine for a meet-up, instead of having to meet up halfway, which made it much easier on everybody.

“It was such a success that they are already planning the next visit.”

In the past, Christine and Simon had both had to travel to Carmarthen Excel

Bowling to meet up, which proved challenging to achieve on a regular basis.

So, when COVID hit, Becca got in touch with Christine to ask if they could do a weekly Sunday video call.

She was delighted to have that precious time with her son, and the renewed contact helped the team build towards an in-person visit.

Thanks to Becca being proactive in her efforts, Simon and Christine now have a great relationship.

Richie added: “Becca is a terrific keyworker for Simon, and he absolutely adores her.

“She went over and above to make sure this relationship could be nurtured and to bring Simon and Christine together again.

“Now they’ve got this renewed bond and the opportunity to spend meaningful time together, thanks to her efforts.

“When Simon got back to Glangarnant, he couldn’t wait to tell everyone about his visit with his mum.

“It was a heart-warming day that meant so much to both Simon and Christine.”