It’s been an exciting summer for Emz at Swanton Supported Living (SSL) in Sunderland as she gave her new home a creative makeover. 

Emz moved into the house, which is her ‘forever home’, in July and wanted to put her personal touch on the décor. 

With support from Team Leader Steph Alexander and Support Worker Alex Parker, Emz set to work transforming her bedroom, bathroom and the staff room. 

According to Steph, Emz is delighted with the results of all their hard work. 

Steph said: “Emz’s home looks unreal – it just oozes her quirky style and personality. 

“She loves Gothic themes, so there are candy skulls everywhere, and they look super cool. 

“It’s been brilliant fun to work with her on the project because we started from scratch. 

“Emz saved up for all the furniture and paint, and she’s done it all herself with our help. 

“We’ve had upbeat dance music on constantly and taken lots of coffee breaks together. We’ve had a ball.” 

The trio has had such a good time doing up the rooms that Emz has already set her sights on the next DIY challenge. She’s also received a very special request from Service Manager Faye Hunter. 

Steph: “Emz is already planning a hall makeover because it’s just white and plain. 

“Knowing Emz, she’s been wanting to add plenty of colour and personality, and it’ll look as terrific as the rest of her home does when it’s finished. 

“She’s also excited because Faye has asked her to help decorate our Gateshead office as she’s so impressed with Emz’s work. 

“Emz can’t wait to get started.”