Congratulations are due to Amy from Allt Ioan, who has been working hard on her healthy living plans and lost a stone in weight.

Amy began her journey after being inspired to learn more about healthy food thanks to Senior Team Leader Sara Harris.

Sara, a self-confessed health nut, first became interested in the healing power of food after learning dietary methods to ease underlying health issues.

She began discussing her interest with the people she supports at Allt Ioan, who chose to start learning more about the subject.

Now, after a few weeks of changes, Amy is thrilled to have boosted her wellbeing and dropped a significant amount of weight.

Sara said: “I’m so proud of the results everyone has achieved – and Amy has excelled herself.

“We’ve all set ourselves health goals, and many of them having nothing to do with the scales.

“The changes are fantastic. For example, Amy is walking every day and far more than she could three months ago. She wants to learn to drive, so we’re building her health and her confidence so she can work towards that goal.”

Every week, the people supported at Allt Ioan plan their weekly meals with support from Sara and the team.

They’ve learned about making healthy swaps, started cooking from scratch, and created new recipes each week.

Sara said: “Slimming World has given us a little community where the girls can share their stories, get ideas and group support.

“However, it’s back at home where the real work happens, and they’ve become very inspired by healthy living strategies.

“It’s been great to see everyone move more – we’ve done swimming, cycling and bowling, as well as walking.

“The difference is already incredible, and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together.”