There was an autumn treat for Seaham View’s Chris when he headed off on his first post-lockdown holiday in October.

Chris was accompanied to the Thomas Centre in Louth, Lincolnshire, for a four-night stay with Support Workers Michelle and Julie.

Before they set off, the girls made sure they had all the information about the local attractions in the area that Chris might enjoy.

So, when they arrived there was all kinds of fun to be had as Chris made the most of his mini-break.

Michelle said: “Chris loves to get out and about, so we went to an aquarium, some museums and visited local beauty spots.

“The brilliant thing about The Thomas Centre is that there’s so much to do on-site, so Chris was never short of options.

“He loves swimming, so we made sure he got to go in the water and that he had plenty of time to relax in our lovely accommodation.

“Chris let us know how much fun he was having by smiling and laughing a lot. It was magic to see him so happy.”

The four-night stay was Chris’ first holiday since the pandemic began, so it was great for him to have a change of scene and plenty of treats.

Julie added: “It means a lot to be able to support Chris to have a fabulous holiday and go exploring in such a pretty part of the country.

“We made some marvellous memories together.”