Clever crafters have created a terrific Easter display popping with colour at The Hub. 

During April’s regular arts and crafts sessions, work began on the team effort, where everyone was asked to personalise their Easter egg shapes. 

The people supported chose to adorn their eggs with stickers, textiles, and drawings. 

To complement the giant rabbit in the centre of the piece, they also made fabulous bunny masks. 

The masks were decorated with feathers to replicate bunny fur, as well as other crafting bits to brighten them up. 

Vocational Services Facilitator Karen Trevelyan-Sharpe said it was fantastic to see the hard work pay off in the fabulous display. 

Karen said: “We are so proud of everyone for getting together to make such an awesome display. 

“It’s so bright and joyful, and the people we support worked so hard to make it. 

“The group made 3D tulips for the bottom of the display, which look amazing. 

“Everything from the colours to the pictures shouts ‘Easter!’” 

The Hub’s arts and crafts sessions are always popular with people visiting from services in the area. 

The team there hope to do more collaborative projects in the future. 

Karen added: “We love giving the people who visit the chance to express themselves in many different ways. 

“If we have a theme like ‘Easter’, it gives everybody a chance to contribute and make something really special.  

“The Easter display is a great example of how that can be a positive experience for those making it and bring happiness to others who get to see it when they come into The Hub.”