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Bradley Seed – Registered Manager (Little Oaks)

“I never imagined I’d move up to be a Manager so quickly.”
“Swanton has given me the opportunities to accomplish my goals.”

Before I joined Swanton, I was working as an unqualified teacher at a local school and feeling pretty disillusioned. I spent more time doing paperwork than working with the pupils with special educational needs. I needed a change, so I applied for a Senior Support Worker role, and soon I was back with young people, and I’d rekindled my love for my work. Within ten months, I’d been promoted to Team Leader.

I knew I wanted to become a Registered Manager and asked for support to build towards that. My Regional Director gave me lots of responsibility and chances to prove myself before supporting me every step of the way to apply to the CQC. Whenever I needed help, I got it, and today, just over two years later, I’m the Registered Manager of Little Oaks.

I never imagined I’d move up to this position so quickly, but Swanton has given me the kind of opportunities I needed to accomplish my goals. Now I’m supporting my team and new recruits to do the same. Join us, and you’ll be working with great people, getting job satisfaction and a chance to build your career too. You never know where Swanton might take you!

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