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Pant Yr Oydn

HC4 s
petes house 8

At a glance

  • Spacious property
  • Warm and stimulating environment
  • Support for 6 adults with a range of care and support needs
For each person we support, an individual programme of activities is developed around their likes, needs and hobbies including local walks, swimming, bike riding and cinema trips.

Person-centred approaches enable every person to be supported to achieve their individual aims, goals and aspirations.

Where to find us

96 Llandeilo Road
SA18 3JD
Tel: 01269 851101


Pant Yr Oydn provides 24/7 care and support tailored to meet every person's individual support needs.

We work closely with each every person and their circle of support including their family and friends and other social and healthcare professionals, to enable each person to plan their future and work towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

Assistive technology is employed, where appropriate, to assist with developing independent living skills and help keep each person safe and well.