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GRS provides modern, progressive, specialist support which aims to provide the people we assist with more choice in sustaining independence. Our services are delivered across South Wales in support of adults with complex needs inclusive of: mental health, learning disability, dementia, autism, sensory impairment, older persons and physical disabilities.

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GRS provides an outcome focused ‘Pathway to Independence’ that strives to support individuals to make their own decisions in control of their own lives. With over 20 years’ experience of providing support to adults with challenging or complex needs, the team at GRS has a proven track record in delivering successful outcomes.

Highly skilled experienced team members enable individuals to make choices, develop skills and abilities to perform functional and meaningful activities, increase autonomy and self-determination, build a network of personal relationships and make a valued contribution, with whatever assistance is required.

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Supported living

Supporting you to live the life you choose

Supported Living is defined as persons with disabilities living where and with whom they want, for as long as they want, with the ongoing support needed to sustain that choice. GRS has a portfolio of ‘supported living schemes’ and an experienced team providing 24/7 support.

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Learning Disabilities

Our speciality is you

GRS provides individual support plans which aim to provide the people we assist with learning disabilities more choice in sustaining independence.

We have numerous services across South Wales with a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting people who have a dual diagnosis of mental health or challenging needs associated with their learning disability.

Highly skilled and experienced team members will enable individuals to make choices, develop skills and abilities to perform functional and meaningful activities, increase autonomy and self-determination, build a network of personal relationships and make a valued contribution, with whatever assistance is required.

Our services are provided in a sensitive manner in accordance with the needs, choices and aspirations of each person. We work closely with individuals, their families and other professionals to ensure that individual needs are met.

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Embrace differences

Support provided by GRS is defined by our organisational philosophy and an understanding of how each person’s autism uniquely impacts on their lives. This perspective governs our teams approaches and flows through our support activities

All our services are person-centred and focused on achieving outcomes for the people that we support.

Our expectation is that people with autism can learn and develop and we support this process every single day. We will create unique services for people to enable them to have ownership of their own lives and future.

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Mental Health

Here for you

GRS promote a modern, progressive approach to mental health treatment. We have extensive experience in delivering disability support and guidance services.

Designing specialist support to suit a person’s unique requirements is key to our service, with a focus on personal development plans and working within the National Service Framework for Mental Health.

Our aim is to empower individuals by providing a pathway which focuses on recovery, encouraging people to gain control of their lives, enjoy sustainable independence and have belief in their potential.

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Physical Disabilities

Making a difference

Best estimates say that about 10% of the UK population have a significant physical disability in any one year.

A physical disability can be temporary, short-term or long term. Some conditions may go into remission; others may come and go with no particular pattern, or there may be gradual deterioration. At GRS we are passionate about designing specialist support to suit each person’s unique requirements.

We understand how much people value their independence, so we have developed a bespoke program of services tailored specifically for the individual, regardless of any disabilities.

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Dementia Care

Where people matter

GRS has developed in-depth knowledge of dementia and all aspects of related care.

Our team has in excess of 25 years’ experience of delivering excellence in care.

We ensure that our teams are competent to address the needs of the individuals. This includes being well informed about dementia and the care strategies and practices needed to achieve a good quality of life.

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Elderly Care

Life doesn’t change

Our purpose is to create an environment that will enhance the quality of life. We value people and our relationship with them is our greatest asset.

Our promise is to exceed professional standards and to support the aspirations of our people through continuous training and development.

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Swanton is the first company I have worked for that I feel value the people we support plus the employees and they look after their employees – I feel that this is the best place I have ever worked in. 

GRS Care, Support Worker
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