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Inspirational Rhiannon Makes Miraculous Recovery

Brave Rhiannon has astonished doctors by fighting back from near death to make a remarkable recovery.

It all began at Rhi’s home in Swanton’s Deheubarth service, where her support staff noticed she wasn’t breathing properly and appeared clammy, so they got her to a doctor.

At the appointment, Rhi’s doctor referred her straight to Llanelli’s Prince Phillip Hospital, where her breathing problems escalated so quickly that she was put in a medically induced coma.

Rhodri Jones, Scheme Manager at Deheubarth, said that what followed was a harrowing ordeal for Rhi and her loved ones.

Rhodri said: “Rhi wasn’t taking enough oxygen into her body, so she was quickly moved to the intensive care unit at Glangwili Hospital.

“When she was there, she went into cardiac arrest, and the medical team had to resuscitate her four times. The 48 hours that followed were touch and go as to whether she’d make it.”

Tests showed that Rhi had an enlarged heart, and it was pushing onto her lungs so that they couldn’t take enough oxygen in.

Again, the doctors warned that Rhi might not survive the ordeal, but Rhodri says that she was determined to live.

Rhodri said: “This is the moment when Rhi showed her true strength and amazing character.

“She slowly but surely started making progress, and they were able to lower the amount of oxygen she was getting from the ventilator, and she was taken out of her coma.

“Our team started going into the hospital to support her during the evenings, and soon, the progress she was making was outstanding!”

After spending a long time bedbound, Rhi had to draw on her strength again to get back up and moving.

Rhodri said: “The physiotherapists said she surpassed expectations and Rhi was soon walking around the ward unaided.

“After 91 days in the hospital, everyone agreed that Rhi was well enough to go to her parents’ home to continue her treatment with the support of community nurses and physios.

“On the day she left Glangwili Hospital, the staff lined the corridor and gave her cheers and a round of applause as she walked out. It was an amazing moment and incredibly moving.”

Having fought back to life, Rhi is soon returning to her home at Deheubarth, where the Support Team are excited to have her back.

Rhodri said: “It’s going to be so wonderful to have our Rhi back where she belongs.

“She is a simply incredible person, and what she’s been through is staggering.

“We’re thrilled to be close to having her back at Deheubarth and helping her make the most of every day of the life she’s fought so hard to live.”

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