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Courtyard Care donation boosts Kate’s fashion dream 

The proud team at Courtyard Care have handed talented fashion student Kate a £500 donation to help with her degree costs. 

Kate, who used to be supported at a children’s service in the group, is currently studying fashion and design at a university in the greater Manchester area. 

Her former key worker Emily and Team Leader Will met up with Kate to hand over the donation and congratulate her on her progress so far. 

According to Regional Director Jackie Hills, the entire team is delighted to see Kate working towards her dream. 

Jackie said: “We’re all so proud of Kate, she is such a clever, talented girl. 

“During the time she was supported at Courtyard Care, it was evident that she was a gifted student destined to do great things. 

“We promised that if she made it to university, we’d offer some support for her, and it’s fantastic to make good on that commitment.” 

While living at the children’s service, Kate attended the local grammar school and did very well in her studies. 

She was always particularly gifted at art, design, technology and making videos. 

Jackie added: “It’s no surprise that Kate wants to go into the fashion industry – she’s incredibly artistic and loves design. 

“We have no doubt that she’s currently laying the foundations of an exceptional career, and it’s great to know we’ve played a small part in helping her to follow her dreams. 

“We wish Kate every success in the future.”  

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