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Emz’s Puppy Dream Comes True!

Emz and Tink

A long-held ambition to adopt a puppy has been realised for Emz after adorable Labrador Tink moved in.

Emz, who is supported by Swanton’s North East SL team, has been working towards their goal for the past few months.

Before they could welcome a puppy into their home, Emz carefully planned and prepared for their new arrival.

With the support of Deputy Manager Steph Alexander, Emz purchased everything needed to create a happy environment for a puppy to thrive. Once food, toys and a dog bed were in place, Emz visited a local breeder to choose their puppy.

Steph said: “It’s been amazing to see Emz’s dream come true.

“When they went to the breeder’s house, Emz was really excited and had their heart set on getting a black Labrador they planned to call ‘Luna’.

“However, from the moment Emz arrived, there was one puppy who grabbed the blanket they bought with them. When Emz went to the front door to make their decision about which puppy to adopt, this little one followed along. At that moment, Emz realised the puppy is the one who chooses its owner, not the other way around. That’s when she and ‘Tink’ became a family.”

With gorgeous Tink now living with Emz, they are working with Steph towards another goal. They will host a raffle to raise money to train Tink as a therapy pet, which will tremendously benefit Emz. So far, the raffle has terrific prizes, so Steph has high hopes that she and Emz can reach their target.

Steph said: “Dogs bring so much love with them, and training Tink to become a therapy pet will be so positive for them both.

“I’m so proud of Emz for their dedication and determination to own a puppy, be a responsible owner and provide Tink with a loving home. It’ll be fantastic to see them love and support each other in the happy years to come.”

New best friends

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