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Family Pen Heartfelt Thank You Letters To Team Lavender Cottage

The family of a young man supported by Swanton have sent handwritten thank you letters to each member of his care team.

David, who is supported at Lavender Cottage, has been living there for two years, and his mum Janice and sister Katie are thrilled by his progress.

They believe that the hard work and compassionate care delivered by the Lavender Cottage team have made an enormous difference in David’s life.

So, they decided to put pen to paper to express their gratitude.

Janice and Megan wrote to Deputy Manager Tracey Pochec: “Thank you for supporting David since your first day.

“You make us feel David is happy, cared for and joyful. We have seen your dedication to caring for him.

“We thank you for everything you do from taking care of his medical appointments to keeping him calm, doing karaoke with him and taking him out in the community, giving him a sense of independence.

“You are always funny and always go out of your way to do things for David. Being considerate towards family members makes you the best manager.”

In the past two years, David has made brilliant strides forward and is doing more activities outside of the house.

He likes to pop into the Gateshead offices of Swanton Supported Living North East to do karaoke.

The family wrote individual letters to all the other members of David’s support team, including Megan, Yemi, Anthony, Godstime, Benjamin, Daniel, KD, Kelvin B, Kelvin A and Stanley.

They wrote: “Your work with David and caring for him 24/7 has brought my son out of his shell, and being pleasant to family members has made us trust you.

“He has come across brilliant as the full staff team are more caring, considerate and make his day better by making him smile.

“We can’t appreciate you enough for caring for David.”

Swanton Support Living North East Manager Steph Fallowfield said their kind words have meant the world to David’s team.

Steph said: “It was amazing for the team at Lavender Cottage to receive these incredible letters of gratitude.

“They are devoted to David, so to have their efforts recognised means the world to them.

“We thank Janice and Katie so much for their gesture and for giving the team such a wonderful boost.”

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