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Glasses Open Up A Whole New World For Stevie

A simple pair of glasses has transformed life for Stevie from Towyn Way as he can finally feast his eyes upon the world around him.

Stevie, who loves nothing more than getting out into nature, has needed glasses for a long time as he’s short-sighted and can only see what’s immediately in front of him.

Previous attempts to get him a sight test have been unsuccessful, but this February, Service Manager Donna Nicholas spotted an opportunity to change things.

With the help of the fantastic team from Specsavers, Donna managed to convince Stevie to get his first pair of glasses.

Donna said: “It’s been a long journey, but Stevie finally has his first pair of glasses, and they’ve opened up a whole new world for him.

“Seven years ago, the team tried unsuccessfully to convince Stevie to try glasses, but he just couldn’t tolerate an optician’s appointment and having glasses on his face.

“However, we had arranged for the opticians from Specsavers to come to Towyn Way to visit another of the people we support and asked if Stevie could have an appointment too.

“It took a lot of reassurance from us, but Stevie found the courage to sit for a test and get some glasses fitted.

“We can’t thank the team from Specsavers enough for how patient and kind they were.”

“The optician took him to the window to look out, and he was in awe and started to cry.

“It was such an emotional experience for Stevie and all of us who were there.”

Following the appointment, Stevie now has his glasses and is wearing them daily.

That’s helped him to enjoy so many new things – and truly appreciate some older ones.

Donna said, “Seeing how much has opened up for Stevie is incredible.

“He’s been out to a local garden centre to see the aquarium, for a trip to the arcade and the toy shop to choose a gift.

“We also took him into his bedroom to look at the beautiful canvas on his wall and take it in for the first time.

“It’s a collection of beautiful pictures of Stevie, his brother and their late parents. It was heart-warming to watch him scrutinise each one and enjoy all those memories of his loved ones.

“Stevie is the gentlest, sweetest and kindest man, and we all think he’s amazing.

“It’s been wonderful knowing he can now appreciate so much more, thanks to his new glasses.”

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