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Harriet Inspired To Create Ode To SCC Hull Managers

Swanton’s Harriet Miller has surprised and moved the management team at SCC Hull by penning her first-ever poem in their honour.

Inspiration struck Harriet when she was part of a discussion with Alison, Emma, Liayle and Katie to decide SCC Hull’s ‘Employee of the Month’.

Although she’d never written a poem before, Harriet was moved to write a tribute to her four colleagues to thank them for their hard work and support.

Harriet said: “We were talking about who would qualify as our ‘Employee of the Month’ and it made me reflect on how rarely I let my colleagues know how much I appreciate them.

“We are so lucky to be guided by a group of people who care so deeply about our work and go over and above to support us.

“I wanted to explain what makes each of them special, and celebrate the positive culture they’ve created within our workplace.”

Harriet designed the poem and send it over to the group, who were all extremely touched by her efforts and kind words.

A thanks to SCC Hull’s Management Team

In the realm of SCC Hull, where support is near, There exists a team, shining so bright.

Alison, Emma, Liayle, and Katie are their names, Inspirational leaders, deserving of praise.

Oh Alison, a Powerhouse, with a vision so clear, Her days are filled with tasks untold,
Yet she conquers them, her mission, behold. She stands tall amidst the challenges faced, Guiding her team with wisdom and grace.

Emma, a Captain, with energy untamed,
Her passion contagious, her drive unrestrained. With her infectious kindness, she can lift any soul, Inspiring us to conquer every goal.

Liayle, a strategist with a mind so sharp,
He navigates challenges, never missing his mark. His analytical prowess, a valuable skill, Inspiring us to conquer each uphill hill.

And Katie, the heart that beats within our team, Her listening ear and empathy, like a radiant beam. With her caring nature, she spreads warmth and cheer, Inspiring us all, to face any fear.

Together, this management team stands tall, United in purpose, stronger than all. They motivate us, in everything that they do, And I’d like to profess, they inspire me too!!

For they lead by example, with passion and might, They foster a culture that fosters success, Inspiring greatness, making us feel blessed.

So let us celebrate these remarkable four,
Their efforts and impact, we cannot ignore. Alison, Emma, Liayle, and Katie, our true inspiration, Thank you for guiding us with unwavering dedication.

From Your Co-Worker, Harriet.

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