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John Paul and Haritha bring Onam festival joy to Eden View

Hindu festival Onam was brought to life at Eden View this year by Support Workers John Paul and Haritha.

The people supported at the Swanton service in Cambridge were thrilled when the duo arrived in their traditional Onam outfits.

John Paul and Haritha hail from Kerala, in southwest India and Onam is their state festival.

It’s a harvest and cultural celebration held over multiple days with processions, a boat race, music and dance, and feasts.

While John Paul and Haritha couldn’t stage a full Onam timetable at Eden View, they did arrive in their festival finery and also brought treats.

Service Manager Judy Cable said it was terrific to learn more about Onam.

Judy said: “It was a wonderful surprise to have John Paul and Haritha arrive in their traditional Onam outfits!

“The people we support were so pleased to see them and to hear all about the celebrations taking place in Kerala.

“They bought in some traditional Onam sweets as a gift, which was very kind of them – they were delicious!”

Eden View is staffed by care professionals from all over the world, including 14 different nationalities.

According to Judy, this diversity makes working in the service a rich cultural experience.

Judy said: “We have so many wonderful cultures here, and our people are amazing.

“Maggie, our Activity Co-ordinator, is from Hong Kong and recently brought traditional sweets back from her travels.

“She went to Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong during her holiday, so it was great to hear her stories and feast on those delicious treats too.”

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