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Lucy Takes A Leap Of Faith For Baby Niece Indie

Values In Care’s Lucy Williams had to summon all her courage to do a nerve-wracking bungee jump to raise money for a cause dear to her heart.

Vocational Service Manager Lucy was terrified of leaping from a great height but became inspired to complete the challenge by baby niece Indie.

Little Indie, the daughter of Lucy’s nephew Sam and his partner Sophie, has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Niemann Pick.

Lucy’s family and the local community have rallied around Indie and her parents to raise funds for her future treatment and other people living with Niemann Pick Disease.

Part of their fundraising efforts included Lucy’s bungee jump at Trago Mills, where she was joined by seven members of the venue’s security team to leap for Indie.

Lucy said: “I never in a million years thought I would be able to do a bungee jump – just watching videos of people doing them on YouTube makes me dizzy.

“But I knew I had to do it for Indie, and I was surprisingly calm all that day until I was at the top of the bungee tower.

“I was so scared I was sure I was going to chicken out, so I asked the instructor to give me a nudge, which he did.

“The feeling of falling through the air was insane, and the pressure on my body was so strong. I kept my eyes closed the whole way down, but when I opened them, I’d bounced back up again!”

The jump and a charity open day and walk the day before helped Team Indie raise an incredible £3k for the NPUK charity.

The family is also keen to raise awareness of the rare, life-limiting condition.

Lucy said: “When Indie was diagnosed, the whole family were in shock because we’d never heard of Niemann Pick disease.

“Not enough people know about the condition, and it can be tough to get a diagnosis as many medical professionals don’t know much about it either.

“Ever since Indie has been diagnosed, the local community has been amazing, and so have my colleagues.

“I was grateful to get a £100 donation from Swanton and the support of my colleagues.

“It’s great to be able to say that I’ve done a bungee jump, but I won’t be rushing back to do another one.” 

If you’d like to donate to Indie’s fund, please visit the family’s Go Fund Me page.

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