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Maesteilo Mark Keeps the Faith

The team at Maesteilo are rejoicing after supporting Mark to overcome significant challenges to get back to church.

Faith is very important to Mark, but during a difficult few years, he didn’t attend services at his place of worship.

However, thanks to the tireless efforts of his support team, Mark has worked through the obstacles that were keeping him indoors.

Now, he’s living life to the fullest again – including regular church visits.

Service Manager Nathan Greenwood said that Mark’s minister and friends in the congregation were thrilled to have him back.

Nathan said: “It’s been a very long and difficult journey for Mark, which makes it even more amazing to see him back in church.

“Mark was bed-bound for six months and then spent two years at home until we managed to find solutions to the things keeping him indoors.

“During this time, the staff at Maestelio and Karen Jefferys at The Hub worked with Mark to build up his confidence and get him through this tough time.

“However, after all that hard work, Mark is back doing the things he loves – like church.”

During his first service back, Mark was welcomed by his friends in the congregation.

The minister also announced his return from the pulpit, which was a touching moment.

Better yet, the confidence Mark has found is taking him into wonderful new experiences, too.

Nathan added: “Mark is going out regularly and even took his first holiday in years.

“This was a massive achievement for Mark and a cause for celebration.

“We’re incredibly proud of how he’s coped with a difficult few years, and to see him out the other side and having a great time means the world to us.”

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