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Salvation Army Job Gives Tammy Newfound Confidence

Volunteer Tammy is doing brilliant work at her new job with the Salvation Army.

Tammy, who is supported at Crown Apartments, works at the legendary charity’s local shop and has been doing a fantastic job.

Every Wednesday, Tammy gets showered and dressed so she’s ready to begin her shift.

Once at the shop, it’s her job to help organise the donations from the public, label the goods and keep the space clean and tidy.

Team Leader Sandra Frimpong said that Tammy has progressed brilliantly since beginning the post.

Sandra said: “We’re so proud of Tammy and her fantastic work at the Salvation Army shop.

“When she first went along, we would show her how to organise the donations, and she would mostly observe us to learn.

“But now Tammy is taking charge and doing most of the jobs all by herself. We’re just there to lend a hand if she gets in a muddle.”

The kind-hearted team at the shop have made Tammy feel very welcome.

Sandra added: “The people who volunteer alongside Tammy are lovely, so kind and caring.

“We’ve seen her confidence grow as a result of this job, and it’s had a positive impact on her life.

“We’re hoping to secure more shifts for Tammy as she enjoys the experience so much.

“Well done, Tammy, you’ve done amazingly well.”

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