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Swanton Wales On A Mission To Raise Awareness Of Fantastic Social Care Careers

Starting a new career in social care could be the answer to long-term unemployment, recruiters at Swanton have told jobseekers in South Wales.

Recruiter Leanne Burder and her colleagues, Service Manager Fiona Bush and Practice Development Partner Emma Brownsill, attended a jobs fair hosted by Carmarthenshire Council in March to deliver the message.

As care professionals with unique stories about how they climbed the ranks in the industry, Leanne, Emma and Fiona were keen to show the opportunities available to job seekers.

During the inspiring day, Team Swanton fielded questions from attendees keen to learn more about how a job in social care could help them re-join the workforce.

Leanne said: “We wanted to meet as many people as possible to share our stories and encourage them to consider social care as their next career move.

“Too many people have misconceptions about care work and often don’t know the possible career progression for motivated workers.

“Fiona, Emma and I had different career journeys, but we have all thrived in the sector and at Swanton.

“It’s our mission to encourage others to make the most of the great opportunities available.”

During the packed day, Team Swanton talked to visitors about how you don’t need to have any prior experience to join the social care sector.

At Swanton, full training is given from induction onwards, and the organisation is committed to developing skills and helping employees reach their full potential.

For those committed to furthering their careers, the sky is the limit.

Leanne added: “It was terrific to have Emma there as she could talk about the training, learning and development we offer.

“Emma began at Swanton as an Admin Assistant before becoming a Support Worker.

“She got promoted to Deputy and then Service Manager before joining the Learning and Development Team.

“Her story is the perfect example of how you can build the career that’s right for you if you seize the opportunities given at Swanton.”

At the jobs fair, Fiona was on hand to share more information about what life is like working with the people supported at Swanton services.

Her invaluable perspective helped to dispel myths about social care work.

Leanne said: “Fiona is one of the most passionate care professionals you’ll ever meet.

“She’s a very experienced manager who has worked in many different companies and seen many changes in the social care sector.

“Fiona is able to show prospective candidates the other side of care work – the activities, the fun, the heart-warming moments.

“Many of the people we support live very active lives and enjoy the same things we do, such as holidays, days out and hobbies.

“Supporting someone to live a meaningful life is an incredible feeling, and we’re hoping the jobseekers in Carmarthenshire will want to learn more about what a career at Swanton could mean for them.”

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