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Team Lombard Do Disney-Themed Fundraising Walk For Jemma’s Late Brother

Fundraisers at Lombard helped Jemma do something positive in the wake of her brother’s passing by organising a Disney-themed charity walk.

The whole team was deeply affected by Jemma’s brother’s death and wanted to find a way to show her family that they were thinking of them.

So, Team Leader Rhea Clive and her colleagues decided to raise money for the hospice where he spent his final days – and incorporate some Disney-themed fun.

Rhea explained, “It’s been a heartbreaking time for Jemma’s family, and we wanted to do something positive to show how much we’re thinking of them all.

“We love Disney, so we all dressed up as our favourite characters – including Jemma.

“After speaking to her parents, we decided on a sponsored walk to raise some money for the hospice.

“We decorated her wheelchair to look like the house from ‘Up’ and attached balloons, just like in the film.

“Jemma was dressed as Russell, the scout in ‘Up’, I went as Chewbacca from ‘Star Wars’, and we had ‘Toy Story’ aliens, Minnie Mouse, Eeyore and more.

“We walked from Lombard house to McDonald’s, which was 5k, and got a lovely reaction.”

The sponsored walk raised over £200 for the hospice, with Swanton donating £100.

For Jemma, it was a chance to say goodbye to her brother in a positive and uplifting way.

Rhea said: “Jemma loves being outside in her wheelchair, and she had great fun on the walk.

“It was great to see her smiling and giggling as we walked the route and to know we were doing something good for the hospice.

“We hope our fundraising money can help other families during the most difficult time in their lives.”

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