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Team Pant Yr Odyn Seize The Day on Seaside trip!

the mumbles day out

Photos capturing a fabulous day at the coast in The Mumbles have been released to mark this year’s Learning Disability Week. 

The team at Swanton’s Pant Yr Odyn service and the people they support wanted to show how great life can be when you live with learning disabilities. In the candid snaps, the group are pictured having a wonderful time on The Mumbles day out, visiting the pier, playing in the arcades and walking along the coastline. Deputy Service Manager Marta Nowak said the images captured treasured memories of a lovely day together. Marta said:

“The Mumbles day out was very special because we hadn’t enjoyed a trip as a group since before the pandemic began. It was such a lovely, sunny day, and we had a brilliant time exploring The Mumbles and having a fantastic time at the beach. There are many misconceptions about what life is like for people who live with learning disabilities, so we thought it was time to share our experience. The day in The Mumbles shows that the people we support enjoy rich, full lives and can enjoy themselves just like anybody else.” 

It took around an hour for the group to travel from their home in Llandybie to The Mumbles. According to Marta, everyone has been keen to get out and about again now restrictions have been lifted as there are so many great places to visit in the local area. 

“We’re lucky to live in one of the most beautiful countries and we all love going out to explore Welsh beauty spots. The Mumbles day out trip was just the beginning, and we’ll be doing many more excursions over the next few months."

“We love empowering the people we support to get out there and live their best lives.” 

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