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Trainer Kelly Given Gold Star By The Grove

People supported at The Grove have hailed their instructor after receiving bespoke training for the new defibrillator unit at their service.

Practice Development Manager Kelly Richardson put together a special session to empower everyone to use the life-saving equipment.

The training was thoughtfully designed to ensure all the people supported at The Grove could take part and get the most out of Kelly’s visit.

Following the session, Service Manager Anthony Risker said that the entire group was impressed by Kelly and her dedication to helping them learn.

Anthony said: “Kelly’s training was expertly delivered to be informative, engaging and enjoyable.

“She made reasonable adjustments for all involved so that everybody got to participate.

“David told us he ‘loved the training’, Cain ‘can’t wait for Kelly to come back with her dolls so he can show her how well he can perform CPR,’ and Jordan added that the training was ‘brilliant and the best’.

“Their smiles and feedback say it all.”

The new defibrillator unit is a vital piece of life-saving equipment that has recently been installed at The Grove.

Kelly taught the people supported there how to do CPR, how to keep safe and who to contact in the case of an emergency.

Following the session, Kelly handed out certificates to each person who participated.

Anthony added: “Kelly has supported the empowerment of the people we support – their certificates have taken pride of place in their respective rooms.

“She has shown first-hand what Swanton is all about – she embodies our ethos, and she’s a credit to the Learning and Development team.”

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