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Amy and Team Deanston Smash Walking Challenge

Amy Deanston House

Massive congratulations go to Amy from Deanston House and her fellow fundraisers after they raised over £1,200 by hill walking this autumn.

Amy, who is supported at Deanston House, set herself the challenge of climbing local hills in October and November to raise money for Ayrshire Hospice and the service users’ donation fund.

She encouraged other people supported at Deanston and staff members to join her intrepid walking efforts.

The group crushed their original target and did a magnificent job conquering ‘The Deanston Climb’ together.

deanston walking challenge

For Amy and others, it was a very personal challenge as they were raising money in memory of a special person.

Amy said: “Katie, one of the staff who supports me, lost her dad recently.

“The Ayrshire Hospice helped look after her dad in his final days, so I would like to split the money raised in memory of Katie’s dad.”

Team Deanston have donated over £200 to Ayrshire Hospice, and the rest of the money will go into a fund to help the people supported at the service.

The funds will facilitate exciting new activities in 2023.

deanston climb challenge

Service Manager Celia Peat said: “Well done to everyone who took part, especially our Amy, who smashed every single walk!

“We are so proud of the massive effort that’s gone into this challenge, and we’re thrilled to have raised so much money.

“Amy loves walking and being outdoors, and she’s encouraged others to get the benefits of exercising in the fresh air too.

“We’re already planning our next fundraising event for the spring, where Team Deanston will be out in force again!”

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