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Christian Gets Active After Garage Transformation

A garage makeover at Milton House has given Christian a brand-new activities hub to enjoy.

Team Milton came up with the plan to turn the garage into a games area for Christian after discussing ways to boost his hand-eye coordination.

Team Leader Darren Cross and his colleagues Louie and Lewis were keen to find new activities for Christian to enjoy.

By emptying and decorating the garage, they were able to create a space for a host of excellent games that would get Christian moving.

Darren says, “Our garage project was an enormous undertaking as the space was full of stuff that needed to be organised and rehomed.

“We worked with Christian and his family every step of the way, so they could see the transformation happening as we went along.

“Once the garage was empty, we laid down AstroTurf and painted the walls. 

“As Christian is a huge football fan, we’ve put in designs that include the World Cup, the Premier League Cup and some of his favourite players.”

One of the biggest priorities was to help Christian to work on his hand-eye coordination.

Darren, who also works in a school, made a bespoke noughts and crosses board for the space, and the team also installed a bean bag throw and dart board.

Now Christian only has to walk to the garage to play some of his favourite physical games and participate in enjoyable movement challenges.

Darren added: “We have also put a chalkboard in so that Christian can jot down his scores and those of the other players when he completes his games.

“He’s excellent at maths, so doing numerical sums is good for him and keeps his brain active.

“It’s been great to see the impact the new activities hub has had on Christian.

“When we showed his mum what we’d done, she broke down in tears as she was so happy he had this space to call his own.

“It’s been a very fulfilling and meaningful project for all of us.”   

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