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Come Dine With Maesawel Is A Mega Hit!

The people supported at Maesawel are working culinary magic on a weekly basis by hosting their own Come Dine With Me evenings.

David, Simon and Conway take turns each week to provide a slap-up meal for the others, and the results have been delicious.

It all begins in the morning when they are supported in choosing the dish they’ll be cooking that night and researching the ingredients.

Once the shopping list is complete, it’s time to head to the supermarket to get groceries before starting to prep for their memorable meals.

Team Leader Dwayne Harries said the guys have made some incredible dishes and learned many new skills.

Dwyane said: “The people we support absolutely love their Come Dine With Me nights.

“We have a rule that everything has to be homemade, so they’ve learned to make so many things from scratch.

“Not only have they learned how to make their favourite dishes, but they’ve also started exploring new flavours and meals.”

Dinner is served to the group, and after they’ve finished, it’s time to get their scoring cards to pass judgment.

However, unlike the sometimes unkind TV contestants, Dwyane said that the judges regularly give the chef top marks.

Dwyane added: “It’s often a 10/10, and that’s lovely for whoever was cooking that day.

“It’s been amazing to see them master things like chicken, ham and leek pies, different curries, meatballs, pasta bakes, and so many other things.

“Not only has this regular activity opened up their palates, but it’s also boosted independence.

“Before we started doing this, the guys didn’t cook as often – now they enjoy making food and showing off their skills.

“We now have a special ‘Come Dine With Maesawel’ apron for our chefs to wear to feel extra special!”

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