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Dachshund Dog Planter Present Delights Dawn

A unique gift for a special lady helped people supported at The Hub’s woodwork class bring joy on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Lovely Dawn is one of Values In Care’s top fans on Instagram and always sends generous messages of support and encouragement via social media.

One of the messages Dawn sent was congratulating the woodwork team on a planter they’d made, and she suggested the next project should be a sausage dog-shaped one. 

When Vocational Service Manager Lucy realised that Dawn lived locally, she hit upon the idea of making the Dachshund planter for her and popping over to deliver it.

After the people supported at The Hub crafted a delightful doggy planter, Lucy and fellow Vocational Services Manager Kaz took Alex – who is supported at Ty Cornel – to deliver the gift.

When Dawn opened the door to discover Alex holding the extra special present, she was overjoyed.

Lucy said: “Dawn is a lovely lady, and she’s often told us that seeing our posts make her day.

“We wanted to do something for her on Random Acts of Kindness Day, and show her how much we appreciate her support.

“Alex was so proud to hand the sausage dog planter over to Dawn, who got very emotional at the gesture.”

Dawn invited the group in for a cuppa and a chat and discussed her plans for the planter.

She intends to keep it in prime position at her front door and fill it with flowers.

Lucy said: “Dawn has a gorgeous Dachshund dog, so the planter is perfect for her.

“It was so lovely to see her chatting with Alex and asking him about his weekend.

“Later on, she messaged us on Instagram to express how thrilled she was with her gift and how much she enjoyed our visit.

“It was a heart-warming experience for us, and we’re so glad we were able to meet Dawn and make her day!”

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