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Daniel Awarded For Bringing Sunshine To All Saints

It’s been a fantastic start to 2023 for Daniel at All Saints Vicarage after he was nominated for an award due to his excellent attitude.

Daniel, who supported at the North East service, has been described as a ‘little star’ by support staff after helping to make everyone’s days brighter.

Due to a recruitment drive at All Saints Vicarage, there have been changes in the staff team, which some people worried might disrupt Daniel.

However, not only has Daniel coped well with getting to know the new team members but he’s also gone over and above to make them feel right at home.

His wonderful attitude has won Daniel a ‘Leaps and Bounds’ nomination from Support Worker Donna who credited him with ‘making everyone smile’.

Service Manager Matthew Bell said he was thrilled by Daniel’s achievements.

Matthew said: “Daniel’s terrific attitude has made an enormous difference to the lives of our team members and his peers at All Saints.

“He spends a lot of time in the dining room with the other people we support and staff, and his positivity, smiles and warmth really rub off on people.

“Daniel has been really social, and to see him make such progress has been a joy to witness.

“He thoroughly deserves his ‘Leaps and Bounds’ Award.”

Daniel’s nomination was also good news for Matthew as a leader.

He says that Donna’s decision to apply for the award showed the growth and progress she’s made at All Saints Vicarage as part of the team.

Matthew added: “Donna made the nomination entirely off her own back, with no input from me.

“I’m delighted that she recognised Daniel’s achievement and went out of her way to tell the company about his progress.

“Both Donna and Daniel are getting the best out of the people around them, and that’s fantastic news for our wonderful service.”

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