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Darwin Community Support Celebrates Incredible Ladies On International Women’s Day

Swanton services in Telford marked this year’s International Women’s Day by celebrating the wonderful women they support.

Darwin Community Support wanted to champion the ladies supported at Sampson Park, which is home to some incredible women.

First up was Dawn, who was hailed for her bravery over the past few months.

Dawn has been living with health challenges that mean she needs to have regular hospital treatment. 

According to Peripatetic Care Manager Zoe Carter, Dawn has been incredibly courageous.

Zoe said: “Dawn has been tackling some big health challenges, and she has had to overcome many fears regarding the hospital treatment she needs.

“We are so proud of her for facing those challenges head-on and being so brave.”

Meanwhile, Shannon was celebrated for the terrific work she’s been doing in the Community Café.

After taking the job in September, Shannon has become a valued member of the team.

Zoe said: “It’s been amazing to see Shannon flourish at the Community Café.

“She’s learned social skills, how to meal prep and bake, perform customer service tasks and lay the tables.

“Now she’s set her sights on joining the paid workforce, which is a great goal to have!”

Reaching for the stars is Heather, who is in the middle of filming for a new care home drama.

She’s one of the people supported at Swanton to win a role in Henry House, a pilot being developed for TV by actor Simon Fischer-Becker.

Zoe said: “Heather is committed to telling the story of many people living with learning disabilities and autism.

“It’s been amazing to watch her and the other people we support become genuine TV stars in the making.

“Heather is enjoying being visible and valued in the workplace!”

Rozmina, Kristy and Megan were celebrated for being independent women.

All three women have been working hard to build their independence every day.

Zoe said: “Rozmina, Kristy and Megan are doing so well in setting goals and achieving them.

“It’s wonderful to see them learning new skills and making great progress.”

Zoe added: “Darwin Community support some amazing women including Terri, Natalie, Christine, Iona, Jade, Katrina and Tammy who all deserve a mention as well as all the women who are part of a growing workforce! Thank you!”

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