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David Enjoys Magical Trip To Disneyland Paris

A trip to the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland Paris made David’s Christmas dreams come true in December.

As a lover of all things Disney, David asked his support team at Eastcliffe to help organise his second visit to the French theme park.

He wanted to meet and greet his favourite Disney characters, see the fun-packed stage shows and take in the legendary firework display.

With the support of Deputy Manager Brittany McBride and Support Worker Laurence Younger, David did all that and more during a terrific five-day holiday.

Brittany said: “It was a fantastic adventure for David, and he loved every minute.

“There were so many things for him to enjoy, like the great shows they put on, meeting his favourite characters and dining at the park’s themed restaurants.

“The highlight for David had to be the firework display. From the moment he woke up on the first morning, he was talking about seeing the Magic Light show, and it was spectacular.

“There’s nothing quite as magical as Disneyland when lit up with these incredible fireworks.”

Having been to Disneyland Paris before, David knew there were plenty of things he wanted to do during the trip.

Although he’s not keen on big rides, David made the most of the smaller attractions and went big on the entertainment shows.

He had his photo taken with Captain America, popped over to Marvel world, stopped by the Star Wars attractions and watched Mickey Mouse’s Magical Christmas show.

The experience meant the world to David, and Brittany said it moved her to see his happiness.

Brittany said: “It was magical to see how genuinely happy David was at Disneyland Paris.

“It means a lot to me that I was able to support him on the trip so that he could have a fantastic time.

“It’s moments like these that make my job so rewarding.”

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