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Jenny’s Joy At Adopting New Pet Rabbit

A beautiful new friendship has blossomed between Jenny from Dan Y Graig and an adorable rabbit called Thumper.

The fluffy treasure has been adopted by Jenny and her family and is currently living with her mum at the family home.

Every week, Jenny goes over to visit Thumper at her mum’s house, and they’ve become close pals already.

Now Jenny is excited about bringing Thumper to meet all her friends at Dan Y Graig.

Team Leader Kelly Phipps said Jenny’s eyes light up when Thumper is mentioned.

Kelly said: “Jenny is totally besotted by Thumper – he’s absolutely gorgeous.

“It already feels like Thumper is part of the Dan Y Graig family, and we can’t wait to meet him.

“It’s so lovely to see Jenny so happy now she’s a pet owner, and Thumper couldn’t be a more perfect companion.”

Spending time with animals can have an incredibly soothing impact on people from all walks of life.

Their calming presence can promote wellbeing and bring joy.

Kelly added: “There’s no doubt that Thumper has had a positive impact on Jenny’s world.

“Animals are so magical, and this lovely bunny is a ray of sunshine.”

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