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Kwan and Jordan Deliver NAPPI Training to new starters!

The Grove delivered an exceptional NAPPI training session for their recruits this February with the help of two people they support.

Kwan and Jordan were asked if they’d be willing to join the training team and give the six newcomers an authentic insight into person-centred support. During the training, Swanton colleagues learn about the green, amber and red sections of the NAPPI model and the strategies to use. Over their time at The Grove, Kwan and Jordan have worked with the team to develop ways to support them when they face challenges that impact their behaviour.

Team Leader Jake Sawyer said their contribution was invaluable. He said:

“To have Kwan and Jordan helping us was terrific – they brought the NAPPI training to life. Instead of learning about everything in theory, our new starters were shown how it works in practice with the people we support. Kwan had picture cards to simply demonstrate how he liked to be supported in a behavioural crisis and told the group about the activities he enjoyed. Jordan talked about active support in the green section and the strategies to use to help him reduce stress and build resilience. It was Jordan’s first time delivering this training, and we were so proud of him and Kwan for their amazing input.”

The interactive NAPPI training session gave the group plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn more from their training team and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and all the new staff agreed it provided great insights into how to support people living at The Grove, including Kwan and Jordan.

Jake added:

“Since this training, we’ve seen our new team members using what they’ve learned to benefit the people we support. It made a big impact on both Kwan and Jordan to have input into their own care, and the training session boosted their confidence. We’re thrilled with how positive the experience has been for all involved.”

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