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Life is Beautiful at Trinity House

Team Swanton Trinity House has gathered a collection of wonderful memories from the summer so far to show how much the people they support are enjoying life. Ranging from idyllic strolls through the countryside to trips to Blackpool for hit shows, plenty of fun has been had over the past few months. 

Team Leader at Swanton Trinity House, Marion Pownall, shared some of the highlights to dispel the myth about the life experiences of people living with learning disabilities. She hopes these heart-warming stories show what life can be like with the support and care of dedicated professionals. Marion said:

“The people we support all have their own favourite hobbies, destinations and experiences – and they like trying new things too. Take Murray, for example, who recently discovered he enjoys archery. One of the support workers took Murray on holiday to a lovely cottage with a hot tub. They had a day out to the archery range and went back again and again. Our colleague loves archery and wanted to share that with Murray to see if he liked it too.  Now Murray has a new interest, and it made his trip even more fun.” 

For Laura, who is also supported at Swanton Trinity House, it’s a weekly trip to Dalton Park that means the world to her. 

“Every Wednesday, Laura’s mam and grandad come to take her out. Dalton Park is a shopping centre where Laura loves to see the lights and listen to the music in the shops. She’s a big fan of the Cadbury’s store because she can smell the delicious chocolate aroma as she walks in the door. Laura never leaves without making a purchase. After the shopping, she loves going to the Dancing Betty pub for fish and chips, followed by apple crumble and custard. It’s the highlight of her week.” 

For Matthew, it’s all about the great outdoors. He enjoys time spent in the fresh air and exploring the local area. 

“Matthew loves to walk, and his favourite strolls are in the countryside. He enjoys the sensory elements of walking in nature and seeing other walkers passing by. The other day, he walked all the way to Seaham and stopped for a meal at a local restaurant. He enjoyed his dinner at Chill and Grill, and we’re thrilled he had the confidence to go in and get his meal, which I’m reliably informed was nice and spicy!” 

Finally, there was a big treat for a group of people supported in the area when they enjoyed a trip to Blackpool to see 'Mrs Brown’s Boys'.

“Our Service Manager at Swanton Trinity House, Nicola Armstrong, took the group to the show, and they had a fantastic time. Wayne, who we support at Trinity House, went and got to stay in a hotel and see Mrs Brown’s Boys. He loved it, especially as he got to have a bottle of WKD. The whole experience was magic and one that he’ll never forget.” 

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