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Maesteilo Marky Bakes Kindness Cake

This year’s Random Acts of Kindness Day included a delicious treat for staff at Maesteilo Mansions, courtesy of Marky.

The big-hearted lad decided to cook up a storm to show his appreciation for the hard work done by everyone at the service.

Marky was supported in baking a crowd-pleasing chocolate fudge cake, which he then handed over to the team to enjoy.

Service Manager Nathan Greenwood said Marky’s gesture meant the world to his support team.

Nathan said: “How lovely of Marky to think of us on Random Acts of Kindness Day!

“There is nothing quite like a home-baked chocolate fudge cake, which was absolutely delicious.

“The treat shows what a kind and thoughtful person Marky is, and it was so nice to know he appreciates our support.”

Random Acts of Kindness Day is held to inspire people worldwide to be generous.

The idea is that you do something nice for somebody else without any reason at all.

Nathan said: “We talk a lot about being kind but taking action is proves you mean it.

“In baking the cake, Marky proved that kindness matters to him.

“His actions have inspired the rest of us to pay it forward. Good job, Marky!”

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