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Mark’s Fantastic 40th At All Saints

Turning 40 has been a boon for Mark at All Saints Vicarage as he’s already achieved excellent progress since his big birthday.

Service Manager Matthew Bell says Mark has been throwing himself into new activities and experiences since his milestone celebrations.

For Mark, a quiet and retiring person, sometimes being the centre of attention can be challenging.

However, he coped magnificently with a family tea party to celebrate his 40th, where his mum and brother joined in the celebrations.

Since then, Mark’s pushed himself further and made another big stride forward.

Matthew explains, “We are so proud of Mark – he’s still surprising us with his progress after twenty years of living at All Saints Vicarage.

“Not only did he have a lovely time with his family, but he also marked his birthday with his friends here at the service.

“Plus, he’s been getting out and about into the local community – and even managed to conquer a challenge he has with clothing.”

For Mark, picking the right things to wear can be difficult as he is sensitive to the feel of different fabrics.

But in recent weeks, he’s been able to embrace wearing a hat for the first time and has been sporting a fabulous woolly number to keep himself warm.

Matthew says: “It might not sound like much, but for Mark to tolerate wearing a hat so he can remain warm when out and about is a big step.

“His Mam couldn’t believe it when she saw him in the hat and was delighted that he’s been looking after his health.

“It’s a brilliant goal to have achieved and a great sign that Mark can continue to push himself to achieve new things.” 

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