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Murray lives his Best Life on Holiday Adventure

A fun-packed trip to a stunning Northumberland Lodge helped Murray make his holiday dreams come true this summer. 

The excitement began when Murray’s dad booked the beautiful Huntercrook Lodge for the break, complete with a hot tub. On the run-up to the holiday, Murray – who is supported at Swanton’s Trinity House – drew up a wish list of activities, dining experiences and treats. It was up to Support Workers John and Matthew, who accompanied Murray to help him achieve his dreams. John said:

“It was fantastic to sit with Murray and take down his list – he is widely regarded as non-verbal, so it meant a lot that he chose to speak his wishes. We did a spot of pre-holiday shopping together so Murray could pick up new clothes, toiletries and a new DVD for his vast collection. Then we set off, and Murray chose to have his favourite KFC on the way.” 

When the boys arrived at Huntercrook Lodge, Murray could relax in the hot tub and enjoy nice food. He’s a big fan of the great outdoors, so he went for plenty of walks across the exquisite local landscape. 

“We did a riverside walk at Corbridge, passed Vindolanda Fort, walked at Hadrian’s Wall and around Crag Lough. Murray loves being outside, and he had a great time exploring these local beauty spots. We also went to Leaplish Waterside Park and a local archery centre, where Murray learned a new hobby.” 

After adding another feather to his bow, quite literally, Murray also indulged in his favourite hobby of lego building. John and Matthew supported him in constructing a kit he’d been saving for his holiday. 

“Murray got a Jeep Lego Technic Kit for his birthday, and he’s been waiting until his holiday to start it. It’s a very precise and complex construction, so it’s incredible to watch Murray work on it. He’s never happier than when he’s making a model with a nice warm mug of tea and a piece of homemade cake to refresh him.” 

The holiday at Huntercrook Lodge came to an end, but not before one final stop off at KFC on the way home. John added:

“It was a terrific experience for Matthew and me to support Murray to have this fantastic trip. We were happy we could support him to do everything he wanted to do and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.”  

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