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Murton Grange Makeover Delivers Sensational Sensory Room

The transformation of a disused space into an incredible sensory room has given people supported at Murton Grange a fantastic haven to enjoy.

Service Manager Nicola Armstrong hit upon the idea of turning a room full of junk into something special during the pandemic.

Working in her own time, Nicola tirelessly planned and sourced everything she needed to create her vision.

With the help of Maintenance Technician Gary Thompson, Nicola slowly began to clear and decorate the space – which is now loved by the people she supports.

Nicola said: “I had an idea in my head about how to make this room full of rubbish into a relaxing, lovely place.

“Gary and I got everything cleared out, redecorated and started to populate the new sensory room with everything I’d envisioned.

“We put in a double bed with fur covers, light up stars all over the ceiling, a sensory tent, beanbags and a Magic Table that projects a host of sensory activities.

“I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out.”

During the project, Nicola kept a close eye on the budget so she could pack the sensory space full of as many valuable items as possible.

She also turned to members of the local community for help after asking on Facebook if anybody could make a ball chute.

Nicola added: “Within a day, Billy Raymond from BR Gardens had made the ball chute and donated it to us for free!

“We were thrilled by Billy’s kindness and so appreciative.

“When the room was completed, we had a little party and invited the people we support and their relatives to join us.

“The space gets used every day, including by people supported in other Swanton services in the local area.

“We often use the room when the people supported at Murton Grange experience stress and need a quiet place to relax and chill out.

“It’s lovely to know they have a tranquil haven and that we were able to create it ourselves.” 

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