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New Swanton Website Offers Families Vital Support 

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Families looking for life-changing support for their loved ones will find valuable resources on the new Swanton website.

The revamped site empowers families to find services in their area that offer the specialist care they are looking for. It’s simple to identify suitable services thanks to an interactive UK map, where visitors can see inside each one and find out more about what the care teams offer. From there, it’s easy to reach out to services to discuss moving forward together via live chat and other direct contact channels. Dhiraj said:

“We know that finding the best care for a loved one can be an emotional, challenging journey. Our new website is built to make it easy to find excellent services in your area and discover more about them before you make contact. We wanted to empower visitors with lots of information – from videos about subjects such as autism, Down’s syndrome and dementia to guides about CQC guidelines, mental health and more. There is a jargon-buster too because so many acronyms and terms might not be familiar to everyone. We aim to give people the resources they need and an easy way to make contact with services.”

Everything we do at Swanton is in line with the best practice recommended by regulators across England, Scotland, and Wales. We follow the regulations set by the CQC, CIW, CI and Ofsted, working to go above and beyond what is required to do the best for the people we support. As the ever-changing landscape of social care evolves, we’ll keep updating our website information.

Our services are peer-reviewed – which means people we support visit other services and give feedback on what we can do better.

Visitors can also discover all the brands currently under the Swanton umbrella and find out what each one offers.

Dhiraj added:

“We’ll be adding more and more resources to our new website as we go on. We know how confusing it can be to navigate the care sector and get the support they need. At Swanton, it’s our mission to make that journey easier for families and their loved ones.” 

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