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Opportunities Galore At New Swanton Care Educates Academy

A new training academy designed to become a market leader in professional training has been launched in-house at Swanton – introducing Swanton Care Educates.

The brainchild of the passionate Learning and Development team, the new academy promises to support the internal qualification and progression of all colleagues.

Empowered by Swanton Care Educates, colleagues will be able to attain vital qualifications and take their learning out of the classroom and into Swanton services

The academy is designed to help shape a terrific, skilled workforce that uses what they’ve learnt to enhance the lives of the people they support.

Head of Learning and Development Kat Walsh said: “We’re thrilled to launch Swanton Care Educates and welcome our first learners into the academy.

“It’s long been our dream that we could create an in-house accredited qualification centre, so to launch is a fantastic milestone.

“Training Qualifications UK has approved the accreditation for Swanton Care Educates, and we’re ready to deliver top-quality training and development opportunities.”

Through the new academy, Swanton colleagues will be able to do training and development at different stages of their careers in the organisation.

The academy is dedicated to a person-centred approach and wants to support learners to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Kat added: “This is so much more than just training – it’s the chance to continuously develop as a valued professional.

“We intend to create opportunities that are aligned with Swanton’s values and empower our learners to reach their potential.

“Swanton has made a huge investment in people through Swanton Care Educates, and we can’t wait to see the impact it has on the lives of our colleagues and the people they support.”

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